We are HALAL certified, a significant achievement in the culinary space.

So what makes Halal Catering unique & why should you consider choosing a Halal Catering Service for your events?


The word Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted. This word is used to indicate the foods that are permitted to eat under the Qur’an (the Muslim scripture) and does NOT include foods that are considered haram (which means unlawful or prohibited).

So why would you want to choose a catering company that is Halal?

Often, good-hearted well-intending hosts put on events that include meals and without realizing it, serve meals that are not inclusive to the needs of all of their guests.

Have you ever considered asking yourself, “How comfortable do people who keep Kosher and Halal feel when they sit down to eat at one of my meetings?” With current trends, many hosts are used to catering to the food allergies or sensitivities of their guests, but not to ethical or religious considerations like Halal.

Often, if Halal meals are not provided, it not only means your Islamic guests go hungry, but they will most likely also feel uncomfortable while all the other guests proceed to eat and question why they are not joining in.

Halal food is universally delicious and all of your guests will leave your event satisfied and raving about the amazing food.

It is important to understand that to Islamic guests, Halal is about much more than a dietary preference – it is a matter of maintaining a commitment to their religion and traditions. 

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