While we specialize in certified Halal Catering, we also make sure to provide Kosher Options upon request for our valued customers.

We understand that while Halal & Kosher diets have a lot of crossover similarities, the Kosher diet has some of its own unique restrictions that Halal does not have, such as the types of fish that are ok to consume and restrictions on mixing dairy and meat products.

We understand how important your religious food preferences are and make sure that they are honored in every single dish that is prepared for you. We strictly adhere to both the preparation and food selection that meets Kosher standards.

In particular our team of experienced Kosher chefs are known for preparing Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebrations!


We know that each Bar/Bat Mitzvah is as unique as the child and the family that celebrates it. This is why we make sure we cater this special once in a lifetime event in a way that meets your family’s budget, vision, and specific needs.

We also understand that this event must cater to both adults and children. In our presentation and meal selection we tailor our menu to make the event pleasing and memorable for the whole family & guests. 

Other Kosher Events

Our Kosher events don’t stop at Bar/Bat Mitzvah . Whether you want a Kosher wedding, Kosher fundraiser, Kosher celebration, or any other Kosher event, our dedicated and enthusiastic team is ready to make your event the best Kosher event of the year. We will make sure that your deadlines and your standards are met with care to make your moment delicious and guilt-free.